The 2-station auto blocker OTB 80 CNC-A2 is the ideal alloy blocker for midsize and big laboratories.

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  • The ideal alloy blocker for midsize and big laboratories
  • Designed for professional fully automated alloy blocking. It allows an uninterrupted blocking with no downtime.
  • Blocking chucks and alloy can be easily refilled during operation. This all guarantees a high economy
  • It combines the advantage of fully automation with the operational safety of the OTB- blocking stations
  • The OTB 80 Auto is consequently designed for ultimate efficiency, high process consistency and simplified usability
  • Two blocking stations will be loaded and unloaded by independent linear handlings and achieve a performance of up to 150 lenses per hour


Blocking Rings, Blocking Chucks, Measurement Devices, Different Alloy, Chiller, Cooling Plate, De-Blocking Rings of Various Diameter, De-Blocking Tank; Blockpiece Stacker


CNC-Controlled Auto Blocker with 2 Stations

Lens Diameter55 mm - 85 mm
Axis Position0° - 180°
Blocking ChucksV-groove DIN 58766
Blocking Diameter53 - 68 mm
Blocking Height7 - 10 mm
Blocking MethodAlloy Blocking
Blocking TypePrismatic and Plano
ControlPC based controls with CNC
Front Curveplano up to 22 dpt.
Lens MaterialAll Material
Prism Angle0° - 6°
Productivity110 lenses/h - 150 lenses/h
Air Pressure Requirement6 bar
Power Requirement (others on request)2.5 kVA / 240 V / 50/60 Hz
DimensionsWidth: 1965 mm, Height: 2200 mm, Depth: 1310 mm
Weight (approx.)700 Kg
DisclaimerAll data are subject to change without notice. Please verify details with OptoTech.

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