The OTL 100 CNC-A is the fastest Excimer Laser in the market. The marking quality is outstanding, always perfect - regardless of the lens material. A linear drive handling assures highest precision and speed, making the OTL 100 CNC-A a flexible, economic, efficient and safe automatic laser engraving system.

Spectacle optics
Mineral Glass
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  • Fastest Excimer laser in the market. Cycle time 11-20 seconds per lens (depending on engraving)
  • Pulsed excimer laser. Each pulse will engrave one dot, while the pattern or character is formed by a chain of round or shaped dots. Adjustable laser energy
  • Integrated Safety Gas System provides highest security
  • Low Space Requirement
  • Excimer Laser “Made in Germany”, 193 nm, 200 Hz
  • Manual or Fully Automatic Version available (with Barcode or Transponder, single, double or double-double arm transfer system, Free Process Configuration, Z-Measurement System)
  • Smooth and micro-crack-free engraving by cold ablation. Provides smooth cavities, completely free from micro-cracks. Highest quality visible, semi-visible and non-visible marking on any ophthalmic and optical material.
  • Highest quality marking of logos, data-matrix, reference marks, alignment marks and much more on plano, spherical, asphere progressive and freeform surfaces as an option
  • Specific configurations and customised versions for maximum flexibility available
  • Hybrid version with additional CO2 laser available for all visible engravings (e.g. job number or frame shape marking) and lowest consumables costs
  • Lowest operational costs (low gas consumption rates, long laser life cycles), maintenance costs and investment costs at long service-intervals
  • Comprehensive and easy to use software with layout editor, command section, service menues, file administration statistics and remote diagnosis system
  • Character height from 25 µm to 8 mm, dot sizes from 5 to 100 µm especially for micro engraving

System advantage

  • Highest engraving performance at highest reliability
  • Hybrid Laser Concept: Combining the Excimer and CO2 Laser technologies results in the most flexible and efficient marking machine in the world. The CO2 laser engraves all visible details (e.g. job number or frame shape marking) on the lens so that the Excimer can be optimally used for semi-visible and logo engravings. This Hybrid combination of lasers is not only efficient but also very economic since it allows lowest consumable costs and also prolongs the lifetime of each laser source.


  • Handling-System for fully automatic operation on option
  • Hybrid Laser Concept: Additional CO2 Laser unit for maximum marking efficiency

UV-Laser Engraving Machine

Working Range Diameter1 mm - 100 mm
Axe Positioning Accuracy (X, Y, Z)Up to ± 0.002 mm
Blocking ChucksDIN 58766 43mm
Engraving MethodExcimer Laser (Hybrid Concept with CO2 Laser Option)
Lens MaterialAll Material
Marking Field100x100 mm
Productivity300 lenses/h
Pulse Repetition200 Hz
Wave Length193 nm
DimensionsWidth: 1800 mm, Height: 2200 mm, Depth: 1100 mm
Weight (approx.)600 Kg; depending on options
DisclaimerAll data are subject to change without notice. Please verify details with OptoTech.

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