Astronomy & Space Research

Astro optics are generally large mirror optics made of high-quality glass ceramics that are installed in earth or space-based telescopes. Starting with optics for communications technology in satellites with a diameter of 50-200mm, the diameter of individual mirror segments in space telescopes can be between 500 and 2000mm. These mirror segments are often combined to form very large primary mirrors. For example, the primary mirror of what will be the world's largest ground-based telescope, the European Extra Large Telescope (E-ELT), will be 39 meters and consist of 798 individual segments. In the largest space-based telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope, the 18 mirror segments of the main mirror have a diameter of 6.5 m. Each individual polished mirror must have a roughness of 1-2 nanometers RMS and a dimensional accuracy of 10 nanometers RMS.

For grinding and polishing such mirror segments, OptoTech has developed its own processing line, consisting of ultra-precision grinding machines and 6-axis polishing centers. Highly rigid portal design made of granite and hydrostatic guides enable the highest precision in the processing of demanding astro optics.