Blockpiece Stacker

The OptoTech Blockpiece Stacker is the ideal supplement to all OptoTech blockers and deblockers.

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  • With its 2-axis NC-controller, the OptoTech Blockpiece Stacker is able to stack and destack up to 300 blockpieces on a special blockpiece palette. The blockpieces will be stacked on 30 arbors, each can be equipped with up to 10 blockpieces
  • Available as stacker (for Auto Deblocker) or destacker (for Auto Blocker)
  • Stacking/destacking via pneumatic grabber. Can grab up to 6 blockpieces at once
  • Palette can also be used for manual feeding of manual blockers. Advantage: Blockpieces are accurately stacked and can not be damaged due to abrasion. Blockpiece pallete available separately.

Process characteristics

  • Due to the possibility to place up to 40 blockpieces on the conveyor belt of the OptoTech Autoblockers, the total capacity can be boosted to up to 340 blockpieces, allowing fully automated runing of the autoblocker for up to 3 hours (110 to 120 lenses/h)
  • User interface of the Blockpiece Stacker can be integrated as a sub-menue for the OptoTech Autoblocker OTB 80 CNC-A2 or the OptoTech Auto-Deblocker ODB 80 Twin-A
Blockpiece Stacker

Blockpiece Stacker for OptoTech Blocker and Deblocker

Blocking ChucksV-groove DIN 58766
CapacityUp to 340 blockpieces
ControlPC based 2-axis NC-controller
Lens MaterialAll organic Materials
Productivity110 lenses/h - 120 lenses/h
Power Requirement (others on request)0,4 kW / 110 - 240 V / 50 / 60 Hz
DimensionsWidth: 766 mm, Height: 1470 mm, Depth: 412 mm
Weight (approx.)120 Kg
DisclaimerAll data are subject to change without notice. Please verify details with OptoTech.

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