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Since the company was founded, the OptoTech name has represented innovation and technological advancement in optical manufacturing equipment.  The company was founded in 1985 by Roland Mandler.  From the first design concepts and the construction of conventional high speed machines, to the wide range of state of the art CNC generators and polishers offered today, many of our innovations have helped shape the market.

OptoTech has the broadest range of machinery and process technology available on the world market for both precision and ophthalmic optics. Pre-processing, generating, polishing, measuring and post-processing – we always offer a complete line of equipment for all your manufacturing needs.

Many ideas and concepts, which once originated in the minds of our development team, have now become standard in optical production. This includes such things as:

Precision Optics:

  • Polishing with oscillation around the radius center point with optimally calculated tools
  • Integrated correction of the polishing tools using cup-type grinding tools 
  • A-FJP® correction technology for fine correction of polished lenses up to λ/20
  • Innovative A-WPT (Advanced Wheel Polishing Technology)


  • Individual progressive lenses in consideration of cosmetic and geometric aspects
  • Alloy-free production concept smartLAB superstore
  • Fully automated simultaneous processing of two freeform lenses on our Twin-A machines
  • Production of high-quality mineral lenses

Additionally OptoTech supplies all tools and consumables needed for optical production. The adaptation of standard tools to meet the customer’s particular applications is always possible. Even the complete production process for an optical component can be supplied, if desired.

OptoTech has consultants and service personnel in Europe, USA, China, Russia, India and Japan. As a result, start-up of the machinery, for example, can generally be done immediately after delivery.

One stop shopping combined with prompt and professional service and a look for the future. Since more than 35 years!

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