The automatic lens de-taper ODT 80 CNC-A is the ideal and flexible lens de-taper for small, midsize and big laboratories, using high pressure cold DI water technology.

Spectacle optics
De- / Taping
Mineral Glass
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  • Equipped with a light carbon fiber handling for highest efficiency
  • Lens centering station with included lens curve measuring
  • Macro-controlled adjustment of processing parameters
  • Sustainable green process: Low air consumption and a closed water cycle
  • Pumping system with 2 filters (20μm and 1μm) mounted on cart for easy access
  • Spraying station can be moved out like a drawer for cleaning and maintenance
  • Productivity: Up to 300 lenses/h

System advantage

  • Reliable fully automated lens de-taping with ultimate efficiency, high process consistency and simplified usability
  • Open system can easily be integrated in any existing production and compact design for a small footprint
  • Easy access to waste container without having to use tools and to all parts of the machine for most convenient maintenance, on cart for better access
  • Sustainable green process


  • Integrated camera system for energy and time saving 
  • Heated knife tape preparation 
  • Tape removal sensor

Automatic Lens De-Taper

Lens Diameter55 mm - 84 mm
ControlPLC Controller in combination with 18.5 Touch-Screen and Windows
Lens MaterialAll Material
Lens ShapeRound, Oval, Complex Cribbing
Productivity300 lenses/h
Air Pressure Requirement5 bar
Power Requirement (others on request)4 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz 3 Phase
DimensionsWidth: 1800 mm, Height: 2100 mm, Depth: 1300 mm; incl. conveyor & signal lamp
Weight (approx.)460 Kg
DisclaimerAll data are subject to change without notice. Please verify details with OptoTech.

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