Endoscopy & Microscopy

Optics play a crucial role in many areas of medical technology. For example, endoscopes allow the inner workings of the body to be examined with unprecedented clarity and minimally invasive surgeries to be performed with great precision. Microscopes make valuable contributions to discoveries and advances in many scientific fields. The optics installed here include lenses, objectives, eyepieces, filters and lighting sources. Modern microscopy optics are highly developed and enable detailed imaging of samples with high resolution.
The optics of an endoscope typically include a lens system for focusing light, an image sensor for capturing the images, and a light source. The lenses must be of high quality, with minimal distortion and aberrations, to produce clear and sharp images. The diameter of such endoscope optics depends on the application and can be between 0.4 and 15 mm.
OptoTech offers complete production cells for these sophisticated optics, from the processing machines to the measurement technology and the coating system.