Consumer Optics

Consumer Optics is a wide range of optical devices designed for everyday use, such as binoculars, telescopes, cameras and more. Typically, these optics are constructed in a system of multiple optical components arranged in a specific order, e.g. to focus light onto a camera's image sensor. Each element has a specific shape (spherical, aspheric, or plano) that affects how light passes through it. The combination of these elements determines the focal length, aperture, and other optical properties of the lens that affect image quality. In addition, the individual optical components can also contain coatings to reduce reflections and glare.

The typical diameters for consumer optics can vary depending on the device and purpose and are between 20 mm and 50 mm (binoculars) or 50 to 100 mm (camera lenses).

OptoTech offers a range of machines, measuring devices and coating systems for the production of consumer optics.