The OptoTech OAC-140SP is the most flexible coating machine in its size on the market. This evaporation coater is used for the application of high quality anti-reflective (AR) coatings, clean coats (CC), mirror coats as well as tinted coats on ophthalmic lenses. The OAC coating system is characterized by the product quality for which OptoTech is known, ease of use, and exceptional reliability in the daily production operation.

Special Processes


  • High quality stainless steel vacuum chamber with electropolished surface
  • Pumping system with diffusion pump
  • Meissner-Trap with cryo-cooler
  • Process control unit with user interface
  • Electron-beam evaporation system
  • Thermal evaporation source
  • Ion source
  • IR-heating system
  • Thin film deposition control with quartz crystal method

System advantage

  • Perfect for large RX-labs
  • Reliable in the daily production
  • Easy-to-operate, highly flexible and with very short cycle times

Process characteristics

NEW Tinted Gradient AR process: The tinted gradient is applied directly in the AR-process in highest quality (100% stable tinting results) without the need of a separate tinting machine. You can now coat different indices (also high index) as well as freeform lenses in the same batch. Moreover, you have a maximum flexibility in the design of your gradient with regards to color, length, position and intensity. Even customized gradient shapes are possible. Moreover, Tinted Gradient AR can be combined with hydrophobic and AR-coatings in one and the same process as well as high fashion mirror coatings in a separate process.


Broadband AR coating on plastic lenses


Mirror coating available in different colours like silver, gold, blue...


Broadband AR coating on mineral lenses


Anti-static coating


IR protection with NIR blocker

Lens Capacity for Standard ProcessØ 70 mm: 240 Lenses Ø 65 mm: 270 Lenses
Lens Capacity for Tinted Gradient ARØ 70 mm: 168 Lenses Ø 65 mm: 256 Lenses
Lens MaterialAll Material
Dome8 Sectors per Batch

Blue light protection filter

Tinted AR

Tinted coating in grey or brown

Tinted Gradient AR

High-Fashion gradient coating in combination with mirror coating


UV light protection filter

DimensionsWidth: 2350 mm, Height: 2340 mm, Depth: 3550 mm; Please note the installation plan
Weight (approx.)4920 Kg
DisclaimerAll data are subject to change without notice. Please verify details with OptoTech.

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