The VISTA is especially designed for detecting and localizing defects on ophthalmic lenses. Detects a comprehensive range of different defect categories. Big Data collection integrated.

Spectacle optics
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  • Optical system screens the surface for any irregularities and reliably localizes defects that are invisible to the human eye (Minimal defect size < 25μm)
  • State of the art calculation algorithms result in minimal evaluation time. Big Data collection integrated.
  • Optimised machine design allows simultaneous handling of up to 4 lenses, resulting in maximum productivity
  • Differentiation between brightness, scatter and deflection errors
  • New design concept combines functionality with a modern look
  • Minimal footprint and open system allows easy integration in any existing Lab
  • Vision System by AC VISTA GmbH

Process characteristics

  • Configurable error zones (different number and error size per zone) to adapt to the Lab‘s individual quality standard
  • Detects a comprehensive range of different defect categories: Circular turning structures, polishing defects, stains, scratches and holes, glass breakage and cracks, splitter, edge shading
  • It is also optimized to detect coating defects which makes the system suitable for quality control after the coating process (Particles and inclusions under the coating layer, inconsistencies in coating layer)

Automated Consmetic Inspection System for Ophthalmic Lenses

Lens Diameter40 mm - 90 mm
Camera Type5 megapixel
Lens MaterialAll organic Materials
Lens TypesSemi-finished, surfaced and coated lenses
Minimal Defect Size< 25 μm
Productivity300 lenses/h max.
DimensionsWidth: 1340 mm, Height: 2200 mm, Depth: 1800 mm; with handling
Weight (approx.)600 Kg
DisclaimerAll data are subject to change without notice. Please verify details with OptoTech.

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