The high-precision manufacture of mirrors and lenses for wafer steppers is one of the most demanding tasks in optics production. With the machine platforms MCG, MCP and UPG, OptoTech offers machines that are ideal for applications in the semiconductor industry due to their high level of accuracy and the greatest possible flexibility of the geometries that can be machined. The high rigidity of the grinding machines enables very small deviations from the target geometry, which can be further reduced by subsequent corrections. In addition, the technology of our ultra-precision grinding machines (UPG series) aims for even greater dimensional accuracy with reduced depth damage at the same time. This results in a massive reduction in polishing process times. Our unique multi-tool concept is used here for quick polishing, deterministic correction and efficient smoothing of different surface geometries. Residence time calculations optimized for the various polishing technologies and adapted correction cycles enable a high degree of convergence along the entire process chain.