Products from OptoTech

Precision Optics

OptoTech has always set standards in precision optics. Today we offer the most comprehensive range of machinery and processes for processing precision optics worldwide. We not only offer the right machine, but also the complete process technology.


Our technology and system concept offers Rx-Productions of any size a tailor-made solution - from the required machines to the accessories. This makes us a completely independent system supplier in the ophthalmic industry.


One of our core principles states “If we polish it, we must be able to measure it”. That is why OptoTech has developed a comprehensive spectrum of measuring devices that are optimally matched to the production cells.


Our coating machines differentiate themselves through OptoTech’s well established quality, user friendly operation and high reliability in daily use.

Lens Designs

The new OptoCalc 4.0 portfolio offers you the latest generation of progressive lens designs in combination with the new OptoTech Minimal Distortion (OMD) technology.

Pulsar Photonics

Pulsar Photonics is your full-service provider for laser micromachining with short-pulse and ultra-short-pulse lasers. We support you from application development to series production of components for your products.