WHEEL Technology

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High performance at highest precision - The OptoTech WHEEL Technology

At the very heart of each OptoTech 5-Axis Polishing Machine of the MCP-Series is the WHEEL Technology.

The wheel is dressed and thus adjusted right in the machine. The stock removal rate and the size of the spot are variable. Due to a very small spot and the high-precision axe guides, very accurate corrections are possible. On the other hand, stock removals of several μm in one work step are not a problem either. This plays a huge role in todays asphere production. In order to avoid interfering mid-frequencies, a pre-polished sphere can be repolished to form the asphere, which to date has been a very time-consuming affair, or not even possible at the desired precision.

Sphere before and after correction with WHEEL technology

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • No special consumables needed. The corrections can be made with the polishing medium that you are already using
  • Very high stock removal capacity (10 μm stock removal for Ø 70 in less than half an hour)
  • High accuracy
  • Very inexpensive tools and consumables
  • Small spot
  • Polishing of freeform surfaces and 3D components
  • All polishable materials can be processed
  • Different wheels with different removal rates available

OptoTech WHEEL Polishing Technology