Multi-Tool Concept

Innovative Technologies from OptoTech

Typically, polishing machines are specialized in one area of operation. In particular, pre-polishing and fine corrections take place in separate machines.

The OptoTech Multi-Tool concept combines all the classic polishing methods with modern correction technology. Thus it is possible to use all methods in a single flexible machine.

Following methods are possible:

  • Polishing of 3D-components and freeform surfaces
  • High performance polishing with OptoTech WHEEL technology
  • High-end corrections with A-FJP up to λ/20
  • Partial polishing processes using pitch tools
  • Synchrospeed polishing for spheres
  • Pitch polishing
  • Polishing of cylinders

Due to the flexible Polycam 3D software it is also possible to combine a classical polishing process with the integrated correction algorithm. Thus, for example, even partial corrections using polishing pitch tools are possible. It is also possible to integrate your own invented tools. Theoretically, the sky is the limit when it comes to your inventive talent.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Pre-polishing using several polishing methods and fine correction in one machine
  • High-end production of aspheres by using OptoTech's innovative polishing concepts
  • Flexible use of the machine: Standard polishing or 3D correction
  • Inexpensive consumables