Active Fluid Jet Polishing (A-FJP)

Innovative Technologies from OptoTech

OptoTech has achieved a new milestone in modern optical manufacturing with its in house developed and patented A-FJP Correction Technology.  Through the integration of the process into our standard polishing machines, it is possible to not only use standard polishing technology to pre-polish, but also correct both spherical and aspheric lenses in the same machine.  And it can be done with an accuracy of about λ/20.

With A-FJP, the polishing compound stream is used to press a carrier against the surface to achieve the removal.  The high pressure stream provides the pressure applied against the actual polishing tool. The defining advantage is that the fluid itself doesn’t provide the removal, but instead, the carrier serves as the polishing tool. The lens is not bombarded but instead, is subjected to a traditional polishing process. Because of this, standard polishing compound can be used, which allows enormous cost savings. In addition, it provides a demonstratively better surface quality.

Sphere corrected with A-FJP Technology

The material used for the polishing tool is determined by the lens material to be processed. It could be for instance, polyurethane, or any other material currently used for polishing. Since the pressure applied is constant, the polishing tool remains equidistant to the surface. Due to the overlapping movements, very smooth surfaces can be achieved.


Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • No special consumables are required. Corrections are made with already available polishing compounds.
  • High surface quality 
  • Simple and reliable process 
  • Fine corrections down to λ/20 
  • No special machines required 
  • Inexpensive consumables 
  • Various nozzles with varying spot size and removal rates 
  •  Any material that can be polished can be processed 

OptoTech A-FJP Polishing Technology