Advanced Wheel Polishing Tool (A-WPT)

Innovative Technologies from OptoTech

The Advanced Wheel Polishing Tool is a consistent advancement of our well known WHEEL technology. The patented process offers the same benefits as known from the polishing wheel - thus in particular a high stock removal rate, the targeted adjustment of the polishing spot diameter and the application to aspheric and free-form surfaces - but also allows a significantly better, completely isotropic surface texture. By integrating a further axis of rotation, the direction of action of the polishing wheel continuously changes, leading to a non-directional microstructure on the surface. In addition, it requires no separate polishing wheel axis, which extends the range of machinery for A-WPT processing: The A-WPT can be used in machines of our MCP, SPO, SPK and PPM series. Thus, the portfolio of our MultiTool concept is complemented by the high-performance Advanced Wheel Polishing Tool.

Optimized micro roughness due to a continuously rotating stock removal function (left side: WPT, right side: A-WPT)

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Very high stock removal rates
  • Targeted adjustment of the polishing spot diameter
  • Can also be used for aspheric and free-form surfaces
  • Completely isotropic surface texture
  • Non-directional microstructure on the surface

OptoTech Advanced Wheel Polishing Technology (A-WPT)