Complete the picture with VISTA - automated cosmetic lens inspection

The VISTA made its debut at MIDO 2023 and is our fully automated lens inspection system that detects and localizes cosmetic defects on ophthalmic lenses.


Why change to automated lens inspection?

Cosmetic inspection of ophthalmic lenses is mostly performed manually by trained operators. The inspection quality depends on the skill level and subjective decision making of each operator. Furthermore, these decisions are greatly influenced by visual acuity, distances, tilt angle, light intensity etc., which makes manual inspection a timely process with high error potential.

Fully automated cosmetic lens inspection

 The optical system screens the lens surface for any irregularities and reliably localizes defects that are invisible to the human eye. It detects a wide range of defect categories from hole, scratch, hairline up to a minimal defect size of < 50μm. It is also optimized to detect coating defects which makes the system suitable for quality control after the coating process (Particles and inclusions under the coating layer, inconsistencies in the coating layer).

The VISTA can process Semi-finished blanks – after casting or after deboxing, surfaced lenses including stock rx orders and hard coated & AR coated lenses.

There are 3 main areas of application for cosmetic lens inspection:

1. After Blank Unpacking

2. After Cleaning of Surfaced Lenses

3. After AR Coating 

Set the limits according to your own lab quality standards

1. Zone definition – Multiple zones can be defined on the lens for different lens types. Each zone can have different tolerances.

2. Frame shape – add frame shapes for improved accuracy

3. Set your limits – Define defect size limits and set target

Big Data Collection for accurate defect allocation

The intelligent vision system analyses various measuring settings and evaluates the lens surface. The result: Massive amounts of valuable production data is generated and can be used for targeted decision making according to the individual lab quality standards.


Some examples of defect categories that are detected on the lens surface

Curious now? Then check out the VISTA on our product page or contact our sales team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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