NEW: Mineral Line

Discover the new processing cell for ophthalmic mineral lens production

High Performance Cell for Mineral Lens Production

¬ Unique: Introducing the all-new, one-of-a-kind automated production line for mineral Rx production

¬ Powerful: Independent machines for simultaneous rough and fine grinding processes maximize throughput to achieve the highest productivity (more than 30% higher than the previous versions)

¬ Modern: New features such Adaptive Tool Wear and Variable Torque Control enhance process control, performance and quality

¬ Reliable: OptoTech has partnerships with market leading manufacturers and brings together many years of experience in ophthalmic and precision optics to create a reliable and valuable solution for mineral Rx production


The new mineral line consists of the following machines:

SWARFMASTER: High performance pre-cutter for optimized high precision milling with adaptive tool wear feature.

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ASM Rx-A: 4-axis generator with 2 tool spindles for high quality fine and finest grinding

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ASP Rx-A: Digital-Surfacing polisher with 2 polishing stations for pre- and fine-polishing

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Why Mineral Lens Production?

Do you want to know more about the benefits of mineral lens production?

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