LAB Automation Components

OptoTech is one of the leading companies for automation components in the ophthalmic industry. We offer solutions for labs of any size. From small labs just starting with lab automation up to high volume labs. From small labs just starting with automation up to mass manufacturing. Whether you need conveyors (powered or gravity), reversals, centrals, elevators, jobtray stackers or complete intelligent solutions for storing and distributing your jobtrays - OptoTech is your one-stop supplier for LAB automation.



Multifaceted Lab Logistic Solutions

  • Space saving arrangement
  • Low power requirement

  • Maximum flexibility: The components allow a highest degree of individualization. Thousands of possible configurations.

  • Due to our open system, our standardized IQ-Logic automation components fit for any existing automated production. Full compatibility to other non-OptoTech equipment.

  • OptoTech IQ-Logic components can easily be expanded to increasing production capacities

  • Noise reduction due to special conveyor design

  • Simple installation: Easy to integrate, easy to operate and easy to configure

  • Full system also available for small A&R job trays


IQ-Control Software
  • Intelligent and flexible control of your automation via IQ-Lab Control Computer
  • Consists of central control and configuration software
  • Allows intelligent job routing, load balancing of machines and tracking of jobs
  • Highly configurable system
  • Robust against manual intervention (job status adapted if jobs moved manually)
  • Real-time optimization (cyclic recalculation of routing depending on actual machine throughput)
  • Mobile, device-independent access to operation control and supervision functions (browser access)
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Conveyors & Stackers