Continuous Furnaces and Stand Ovens for Curing Ophthalmic Lenses

OptoTech offers a range of stand ovens (OLF series) and continuous furnaces (OCF series) for the controlled curing of spectacle lenses after hard coating or for curing blanks.

With the OCF series, OptoTech recently introduced the first continuous furnaces for lens manufacturing. Thanks to the modular system, the working temperature of each heating zone can be set individually, which enables defined temperature profiles. (with a temperature control accuracy of +/- 3 K). The continuous furnaces of the OCF series are available in a premium version (2 modules) and a premium plus version (3 modules, meets the clean room standards of ISO 6 class).

A cost-effective alternative is the OLF OptoHeat series of ovens, which are available in 2 different sizes for different capacities.