Interferometry & Radius Measurement


Interferometry and Radius Measurement

Broad range of Fizeau workshop interferometers

Fizeau interferometers are used in optics production to measure and analyze the shape and surface quality of optical components such as lenses, mirrors or prisms without contact. They can be used to measure deviations in the shape or surface quality of an optical element in the course of quality control, thus increasing the efficiency and accuracy of production.

OptoTech offers a large number of measuring devices from the OWI series (OptoTech Workshop Interferometer) for interferometric form and radii measurement of optical components such as spheres, aspheres and plano optics. In addition, the measuring devices of the MSI series (Multifunctional Stitching Interferometer) enable the measurement of high-aperture spheres and plano optics (optional) using the stitching method.