Consumables Metrology

The OptoTech Consumables product range provides you with a comprehensive solution for all of your applications. All of the products that we offer undergo extensive testing and are optimally tailored for use on our machines and systems. Some of our tool concepts are unique and underline why our processes are at the forefront of technology. Optimal production can only truly be achieved by combining the machinery with high-quality tools and consumables.


OptoTech offers a wide range of consumables for our workshop interferometers (OWI) and autocollimation testing and blocking units (AZP):


Reference Spheres, e.g. various 1/2", 60mm, 4", 5" and 6" reference spheres; Reference Sphere Extensions; Lens Adapters; Various Tables for Lens Positioning; Cementing Equipment; Measuring Gauges and Pins; Cleaning Equipment and many other products.