Progress in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Expansion of the solar system at the OptoTech locations in Wettenberg and Jena


OptoTech continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection by strategically investing in renewable energy and expanding its solar systems at the Wettenberg and Jena sites.

"At our headquarters in Wettenberg, we have recently expanded our existing solar system to an impressive output of 165 kWp," reports Roland Mandler, the company's founder and current landlord of the OptoTech buildings at the aforementioned locations. "This system uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure an efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply. The annual electricity production of the new system will enable us to generate almost 60% of our own electricity, making a significant contribution to the reduction of C02 emissions and to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels".

In addition, a new 50 kWp solar system was installed at the OptoTech's Jena site. This installation complements OptoTech's sustainable energy initiatives and brings the total solar power capacity to a remarkable 215 kWp.

To illustrate the significance of this capacity increase: A total output of 215 kWp could supply electricity to around 54 single-family homes. This is based on the average annual electricity consumption of a single-family home of around 4,000 kWh.

OptoTech managing director Jens Schäfer continues: "OptoTech remains committed to developing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. We are proud to be making an important contribution to the energy transition with our solar systems, supporting the local energy supply and reducing our operating costs at the same time".