OWI 60 HP Series

Discover the highlights of our OWI 60 HP Series

The compact Fizeau workshop interferometers from the OWI 60 HP series are specifically designed for measuring optical components in the area of micro-optics. Combined with the high quality OptoTech 60mm reference spheres, these units have the ideal measuring range for micro optical components up to Ø 60mm with a measuring accuracy of λ/20.

The compact Fizeau workshop interferometers from the OWI 60 HP series come in different versions:

  • OWI 60 HP: Standard setup with interferometer module positioned on the bottom of the granite table and aligned with the Z-axis

  • OWI 60 HP Invers: Inverse setup of the interferometer module positioned on top of Z-axis and directed towards the granite table. Ideal for measuring optics on runners.

  • OWI 60 HP-A: Automated Version. For automatic radius and form measurement of optical components. Combination with loading robot available.



  • Measuring ranges for micro optics up to Ø 60mm with λ/20 measuring accuracy

  • Only device in its class with an optional second table for measuring in reflection or transmission mode while also capable of measuring aspheres (CGH)

  • Optional laser distance measurement system to prevent the occurrence of Abbe errors and to offer first-class radius measurement accuracy

  • Mounted on robust granite table with additional dampening systems that ensure stable handling and reliable results during measuring cycles

  • Comprehensive modular system allows the configuration of all axes to ideally accommodate the individual application in terms of bearings and table drive and to easily operate the whole setup

  • All axes can be motorized as an option

  • Automatic radius measurements and form measurements (optional)

  • Space saving layout as well as an open and optimized design prepared to incorporate an optional automated robotic loading and unloading solution


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