Innovative Technologies from OptoTech

OptoTech KombiTools are a combination of pre- and fine grinding tools with an integrated centering function. With these tools the first spindle pair of a generator can process the first lens surface, the second spindle pair can process the second lens surface in inverse arrangement. Depending on the lens geometry, the processing of the edge of the lends can be done together with the first or the second side. Due to this, the time and effort for the following centering on a seperate centering machine can be minimized. Partially the whole centering process can be omitted.

The achieveable surface qualities allow to polish the lens right after the grinding process. Other advantages of the KombiTools are the universal usage of the tools, time and cost-savings due to the omission of tool changes and the reduced number of the required tools.   

OptoTech KombiTools can be used for grinding spherical or plano optics. They are available in different diameters and connections and can of course be customized to your individual needs. You can also take a look at our comprehensive catalogue in the consumables sector of this website.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Universal usage of our KombiTools
  • No tool changing needed, so time and costs can be saved
  • Tools can be used for grinding sherical and plano optics
  • Edge processing possible

OptoTech KombiTool Technology